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(Video Advertsing Coming In 2017)

Video Marketing Package $799 Video is one of the best ways to grow your business.  Video allows you to tell your story visually.  Millions of hours of video is being consumed daily and if you are not using video to market your business you are missing out on a powerful strategy.  If you are not sure about where to start we can help.  To get started just set up a consultation with us.  The investment for the consultation is $250 and if you decide to work with us we will deduct the consultation fee from the $799 fee for the Video Marketing Package.

  1. Campaign Strategy
  2. Video Scripting
  3. Video Embedded on your site
  4. Video SEO
  5. Explainer Video (1 two minute video & 1 fifteen second video)
  6. video cameraCross Channel Promotions
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Linkedin
    • Instagram
    • YouTube
    • Tumblr
    • Google+


Roku7Your Own Roku Channel– Roku is an amazing platform for you to showcase your own brand of content. Whether you’re a filmmaker, music artist, speaker, trainer or business owner you can use Roku to build a global audience on TVs right in living rooms around the world.  This is a great way to build your company brand by creating branded content. There ae over 15 million Roku devices in homes around the world.  So just imagine people sitting in their living rooms watching your show. We can help you get your own Roku Channel.  The first thing you will need to do is create at least 5 videos.  You will need to have your channel art work to give to us which should be a high quality png graphic 2400×3600.  You can submit up to 3 graphics to help us make your information in the Roku store stand out.  Once you order the service for $799.00 you will have to set up a Vimeo Pro account and a Gmail account and send those login credentials to us.  You will then need to load all of your videos into an album under your Vimeo account.  Make sure it’s an album.  Once you have uploaded your videos to your Vimeo album we will take over from there.  It will take 3-4 weeks for your channel to be live in the Roku store. The monthly HerTube fee is $99 that won’t start until after your channel is live on Roku.  Once your channel is live you will receive a payment link to make your first monthy payment which will reoccur each month for $99.  You can cancel your account at any time by sending us an email.  Once we receive your email, your HerTube account will be canceled and your Roku channel will be removed. Click Here To Get Started


Pay Per View LogoPay Per View- This service is for filmmakers and trainers who have a training that they would like to sell on our on demand platform.  If you have a film or a training that you want to add to our network you can submit it to us for free and if it is accepted it will be added to our on demand platform with your suggested fee to be charged.  If your film or training is purchased by a customer you will receive a 50% royalty per sale after administrative and payment processing fees have been deducted.  If you have a film or training that you would like for us to consider for distribution please email our content manager Georgette@HerTube.TV.  We reserve the right to decline acceptance of any content that we feel does not fit what we are looking to distribute on our platform and to our customers.


HerTube TV SynHISTORY-GO-imagedication – We take your promotional video, demo, training, speech or show and we syndicate it across our network around the globe. Just imagine have people sit in their living room in Slovakia and watch your show.  Imagine being able to empower women who are looking for a way to create a better life for them and their families.  We are global and growing and you can grow with us.  Our team work diligently to get you the exposure you need.  We will set you up your very own channel on the network where you can upload up to 500 videos per year. This service is for individuals or companies who want to become global household names,  dominate their industry and beat their competition.  You can add up to 500 videos per year to your channel to add to our distribution and the fee for that plan is  ($397 per month or $3,997.00 per year)  When you elect to pay for the year you save $794.  Need More Time To Pay?  Ask us about our Net60 program.  Click Here To Get Started


consultationConsulting- Video is the future.  It’s everywhere and people keep telling you that you need it to grow your business and they are right.  But you may not know where to start and that’s okay, because we can help you with that.  We consult with business owners, authors, schools and corporations on how to create a video marketing strategy or video distribution platform that is going to make their organization more efficient and more effective.   (Fees will vary depending on the complexity of what is needed starting at $250 per hour) Click Here To Get Started



Her Shopping Channel– We are so excited about our shopping channel.  This channel is very similar to a QVC or HSN.  The difference is we give everyday people the opportunity to sell their wears and products on our channel.  Our host is actress Dominique Hagler.  She will take your product and present it to the viewers with call to actions directly to you.  You can include a website or a telephone ordering number.  Our process is very simple.  You order the service for only $999, send us a sample product and a description of what the product does and how it works.  We will produce 10 minute infomercial for your product hosted by Dominique.  Once your infomercial is complete you will receive a copy for yourself and we will then distribute the infomercial across our entire media network where it will be hosted for one year or less if you tell us to remove before the year is up.  Click Here To Get Started



Why Work With Us

We help coaches, speakers, trainers, authors and business owners share their expertise and tell their stories by creating awareness and exposure for their work, product or service by providing them with global syndication across the HerTube Network on a variety of streaming media platforms to a niche audience of women around the world.  By working with us you will be exposing your service or products to thousands of potential new clients.

Benefits Of Working With HerTube Media

  1. You get your own channel on HerTube
  2. Global exposure
  3. Create a presence in emerging markets
  4. We market your channel 0n our social media platforms
  5. Create another stream of income
  6. Simple and quick to get started
  7. Affordable
  8. Press announcement to over 5,000 media contacts when you work with us
  9. Partnership- we want to help you build a global platform for your service or business