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Video Syndication

Attention Speakers, Trainers, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Business, Money & Legal Experts Reach New Markets & New Clients

You Create The Videos And We Will Distribute Them Around The World For You!


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Host Your Own Video Or Show Sharing Your Knowledge, Passion & Expertise To People Around The Globe On Every Device.  

Here’s the best part, you put your show together and HerTube Media Network will syndicate it across thousands devices.  We are your syndication partner helping you reach potential new clients in new markets by getting your content in front of them wherever they are.  On their mobile phones, tablets or TV’s. We can get you there. There are emerging markets looking for help in growing their economies and you could be the one to help them. HerTube syndicates content to thousands devices to over 50 countries.  Do you think you maybe able to find a new client?

How Our Service Work?

  • You create your own video or show up to 90 minutes per month
  • You  pick a plan that is right for you and subscribe to our syndication membership starting at $97 per month up to $397 per month.
  • You send your show to us in mp4 format and show graphics
  • Our Chief Content Officer will then add your video or show to our network syndicating it around the world on a variety of streaming media platforms and that’s all there is to it.

Benefits Of Working With HerTube Media

  1. Global exposure
  2. Brand awareness outside your local markets
  3. Create a presence in emerging markets
  4. Exposure to new potential clients
  5. Simple and quick to get started
  6. Affordable
  7. Press announcement to over 5,000 media contacts when you work with us
  8. Partnership- we want to help you build a global platform for your service or business

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