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Q: What is HerTube Media Network?
A: HerTube Media Network is a global digital content syndication agency
Q: What do you syndicate?
A: We syndicate videos across a variety of platforms including online, Smart TVs, mobile Apps & Set-top Boxes.
Q: What’s the difference between HerTube & YouTube
A: We are a content syndication company. You send us your content and we distribute it for you across our entire network to a niche audience of women. With YouTube you upload your own content and whoever finds you on YouTube can see your content.
Q: Is there a fee to use the service?
A: Yes the fee is $397.00 per month or $3,997.00 for the year. You may have the option of a net 60 for the yearly subscription if you qualify.
Q: Can I cancel my account at anytime?
A: Yes you can cancel at anytime for the monthly subscription. Payments will be stopped immediately, but if you cancel your yearly subscription we want bill you in the following year. We Do Not Make Refunds On Yearly Subscriptions. We just won’t bill you the following year. All yearly subscriptions are final sales.
Q: How much air time do I get with my subscription?
A: You get 60 minutes of air time each month to use as you wish.
Q: What type of content do you accept?
A: We accept content that is women focused that enlightens, empower, educate or entertains. We do not accept content that is malicious, vulgar, racist or demeaning.  We reserve the right to deny acceptance on our network if content being submitted does not meet our guidelines.
Q: What format should I send my content?
A: All content must be submitted in mp4 format.
Q: Who owns the rights to my content?
A: You own all rights to your content. We are just your content syndication partner.
Q: Can you produce my content for me?
A: No we do not produce or edit content. All content is produced by you and should be submitted ready for global distribution.