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Become Our Partner

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We love it when people talk about us, and even more so when they recommend us to their friends. As a thank you we would like to offer something back, which is why we have set up this Ambassador Program.

About The HerTube Ambassador Program

We are so excited about HerTube and being able to bring our viewers the most fascinating content from around the world that will educate, empower, enlighten and encourage women. Our goal is to have the largest empowerment TV network for women around the world.   We want syndicate quality content about women and what women care about from around the world that is why we’ve set up the HerTube Ambassador Program.  This program pays HerTube Ambassadors 20% for all paid referrals to our TV Network who become a subscriber. The monthly subscription is $9.99.   This $1.99 is paid monthly as long as the subscriber has an active paid account with HerTube.  There is no limit to the amount of income you can earn with our program. Just to put that in perspective 20% of $9.99 means that you will earn $1.99  for each Subscriber that you refer monthly.  So if you refer 10 content producers you will receive a payment of $19.90 monthly as long as the members are active.  But then lets say you refer 1,000 subscribers that’s 1,990 monthly. 

Ambassador Perk:

Another great thing about becoming our partner is that when you reach 100 referrals you will be awarded your own branded channel on HerTube Prime.  As long as you have 100 referrals or more your channel will remain live and you can add your own organization information to your channel.

Our Give Back Initiative:

We love helping women grow and achieve their goals, that is why we have decided that when HerTube Prime reaches 100,000 subscribers we will be launching a scholarship program for young women going to college and a venture fund to help women who are in need of funding to start or grow a business.  For us this is huge, because education continues to become more and more expensive and there is so much red tape for women who are seeking funding and we want to change that.


 Become A HerTube Ambassador Today! 

To get started all you have to do is send us an email to Partner@HerTubePrime.com and put in the subject (“I’m In”) .  Once we receive your email one of our Ambassadors will contact you to get some information and a special link will be created for you so that you can get started right away helping us build the only Empowerment TV Network For Women.

HerTube Ambassador Program Summary

*20% Payout Per Paid Referral

*Monthly Payments Issued Via PayPal ($25 minimum)

*Your Own Branded Channel When You Reach 100 Referrals

*Invites To Ambassador Only Events

So Go Ahead And  Become A HerTube Ambassador And Help Us Build The Largest Women Empower TV Network In The World! Email Partner@HerTubePrime.com put (I’m In) in the subject.