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What Is HerTube Media Network (HMN)?

HerTube Media Network is a consulting, video marketing and global video syndication agency

What Is HerTube TV?

HerTube TV is a video on-demand subscription network

What Is HerTube Plus?

HerTube Plus is our online video lifestyle community where you can set up a free profile page and interact with other members on the network.  This is also a place to check out what’s happening with women in the world of entertainment, news, business and trends.

Why Work With Us

We help coaches, speakers, trainers, authors and business owners share their expertise and tell their stories by creating awareness and exposure for their work, product or service by providing them with video marketing services and global video syndication across social media and HerTube Network on a variety of streaming media platforms to a niche audience of women around the world.  By working with us you will be exposing your service or products to thousands of potential new clients who are looking for what you have to offer.

Benefits Of Working With HerTube Media

  1. We help you tell your story
  2. We produce your story
  3. We help you identify your audience
  4. We help you identify what platforms serves you and your business best
  5. Global exposure
  6. Create a presence in emerging markets
  7. Simple and quick to get started
  8. Affordable
  9. Press announcement to over 5,000 media contacts when you work with us
  10. Partnership- we want to help you build a global platform for your business

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