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Spill The Tea Is Coming This Fall

Spill The Tea: Bringing You The

Dominique Hagler

411 is a talk show produced by HerTube Media Network focused on business, entertainment & sports. Spill The Tea will be a weekly talk show where personalities from business, entertainment, and sports, discuss their accomplishments and failures.  Spill The Tea will air on HerTube TV, syndicated via streaming services Roku, Amazon, IOS, Android, Windows & Blackberry.

The show, host Dominique Hagler has had supporting roles in some three independent films and a web series. She is currently working on a new part now which focuses on domestic violence where she is the leading lady trying to get out a relationship with an abusive husband. We asked Dominique what inspired her to want to be in the entertainment industry and her answer was that knew this was her path was since the age of three years old.

Dominique relates a time when she saw the late great Whitney Houston on TV at three and was so in awe of Houston, she went to her room and put on her Easter dress telling her Nana to zip her because she was going to be a star.

Dominique took up dancing from the age of 3 until she was 18 years old and went off to college. She moved to metro Atlanta four years ago where the entertainment industry is on fire. What better place to be if want to be in the industry than the ATL.

You could say that Dominique was born with entertainment and business in her blood. Her father was an aspiring rapper back before she was born and her mom is an entrepreneur and author. Lastly, we remind you of her superstar boxer grandfather, Marvelous Marvin Hagler. Although Dominique’s family is highly talented and have achieved some great levels of success, she is on her path to greatness doing what she loves.  Stating she has taken something from each of them to help her to achieve the goals that she has set for herself, Dominique gives credit where it’s due:  Her dad, inspired her creativity while her mom taught Dominique what it means to take a calculated risk and do what you love.  Dominique’s famous grandfather, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, taught her to fight hard for what you want, and from her Nana, she has takes so much wisdom and speaks to her by phone daily.

Dominique’s path to greatness does not stop with entertainment. She is in the process of starting her own line of nail polish and lipstick which will debut just in time for the holidays. Dominique states that her legacy will be Spark Academy, a school for youth teaching entrepreneurship and technology.

Spill The Tea begins production in late September and will air mid-October. You can watch it by going to www.SpillTheTea.media.

To be a guest on the show send an email to guest@hertubeprime.TV or to be a show sponsor send an email to sponsor@hertubeprime.tv.

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