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Campus Crimes Production Is Done!

Campus Crimes

I am so happy to announce that the production for the first season of Campus Crimes is done.  We are now going into post and hopefully the 6 episode series will premier in December of this year.  I had the opportunity to work with an amazing cast of 24 very talented individuals.  I also had a wonderful crew that helped me pull the whole show together.

The show follows 3 college friends who are on their on path, but always find themselves involved in some kind of mystery solving because Dasia wants to be an FBI Agent.  We are really excited about our first season and will start writing our second season next month.

All episodes of the show can be seen on the HerTube Network by going to www.HerTube.TV.  Although the show is not available yet we have plenty for you to watch on the network right now.  Check out what’s playing now.  Take advantage of our Free Trial Membership.

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